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hello ! welcome to my little corner of the web. this site is still in the baby stages but please enjoy your stay! (◠‿◠)

this website is a way for me to learn new languages and web design while expressing myself and indulging in the nostalgia of the old web! it will likely be a constantly changing and improving project ^_^

i am currently studying cybersecurity at uni. a few of my other hobbies include fashion, crochet, + yoga. in a way, this website is a culmination of my (future) career and my personal interests! it has proven to be an enjoyable way to familiarize myself with computers and get more comfortable with coding.

‧₊˚♡ status ♡˚₊‧

ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡

‧₊˚♡ to-do ♡˚₊‧

to be added:

  • - fashion page!
  • - links to my fave adblocks and anti-malware
  • - my stamps
  • ♡ 5/25/24: started my blinkie/stamp page!

    ♡ 1/3/24 (nighttime): added diy + craft log!

    ♡ 1/3/24: added changelog, designed webside button, added "click" column with blogs i admire as well as my own, added pokefarm link, updated faves page.

    under construction!!! last updated: 5/25/24
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