a collection of all my favorite things

snail's faves!

colors: pink, green, yellow, black

bugs + animals: regal jumping spider, rosy maple moth, giant african snail, any cat

shows: lucky star, gossip girl, ouran high school host club

movies: silence of the lambs, american psycho, the dark knight, girl interrupted, the craft, legally blonde, spiderverse series, barbie

music: my chemical romance, in this moment, jack off jill, lana del rey, twice, motionless in white, g(i)dle, newjeans, like moths to flames, i prevail, the front bottoms, the weakerthans

hobbies: crochet, web design, yoga, sewing, reading, ballet, running, dungeons and dragons

drink: iced white mocha latte with raspberry syrup

styles: full page in progress!

books: fahrenheit 451, the lunar chronicles, 1984, the giver, the yellow wall-paper, the bell jar

games: animal crossing new leaf, pokemon shining pearl, fashion dreamer, tomodachi life, project diva megamix

youtubers: pixielocks, wendigoon, nisipisa, zachary michael, nicole rafiee, uncarley, trixie and katya, mike's mic, coryxkenshin

wikipedia article: trilobites

under construction!!! last updated: 12/11/23
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