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5/25/24 ♡ FRIENDS!!! i am going on a road trip to cape cod soon, which means it's CRUNCH TIME FOR NEW PROJECTS!!!! ૮₍ ˃ ᵕ ˂ ₎ა

my tentative list of projects to make for my summer trip(s) includes:

  • white cotton sundress
  • cotton granny square halter (?) (crochet)
  • black oversized cotton granny hexagon cardigan (crochet)
  • hot pink bikini + swim skirt
  • do i think i'll get all of these done by the road trip.. no lol! the dress and cardigan are my priorities, though the swimsuit may come earlier since it should be a quicker project (hypothetically). i guess actually that's a priority because my former favorite bikini doesn't fit me well anymore and my other bikini gives me burns because of all the straps 。:゚(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ ✿)

    i do also have a couple gifts to crochet as well but those should be finished up quickly! i'm super excited to start all these projects, but i need to finalize my designs before i actually get to work at the machine XD

    thanks for reading! more of a planning entry today haha ~♡

    3/21/24 ♡ oh my gosh, it's been a while since i have updated this! let's do a catchup

    i did end up making that cape, and it turned out SO cute!! ໒꒰ྀི ˊᗜˋ* ꒱ྀིა the first thing i was asked at the meet was where i got it - thats like the best compliment ever ♡♡♡

    it is SO soft and warm, i added a bumpy minky lining (think baby blanket) on the inside as an afterthought and it was SUCH a good choice. i've worn it outside of lolita because it's so nice! i'm super proud of the ruffles too, gathering the fleece was HARDDD but SOOOO WORTH IT! there's also a simple hood :D the one thing that didn't work is the hear pockets i wanted... i just couldn't get them to look good, so I scrapped that idea.

    to pivot - i went to florida at the end of february, and i was working on a crochet crop top inspired by aurora, and it's SUPER cute buuuut it didn't fit me right so i had to frog it and I'm now working on the adjustments.

    finally, i have fabric to sew my own lolita dress! but i'm unsure when i'll have time for it. i COULD try and speedrun it like i did with new years but i do not think that would be wise i would love to have it done by easter... we will see haha!

    thanks for reading y'all! love ya

    1/15/24 ♡ no finished projects for this entry, but i wanted to give an update on some progress!

    i am SO NEARLY finished with my second square of my granny shawl...! then i will just have one more to make (´。• ᵕ •。`) i'm falling in love with my color scheme, i introduced aqua in this square and i ADORE it!

    however... that third square may go on the back burner for JUST a moment..! someone in my lolita comm set up a pretty imromptu meet (this upcoming sunday, 1/21/24) and i desperately need to make a cape and headpiece to wear with my coord Σ(゚口゚;)// i need the cape because i don't really own a suitable coat to wear and it is going to be a whole 18°F ..・ヾ(。><) (today it was -1°F... crying noises.) the headpiece is, i suppose, less of a need; however i am planning a very similar coord as the last one i wore to a meet and i want to not be a TOTAL coord repeater! (not that there is anything wrong with it ... i just want to have a more fleshed out wardrobe!)

    i ALSO need to make my friend a scarf!!! one of my dear online friends recently moved from the south of the US all the way up north, and needless to say she is still building her winter wardrobe. i am planning to make her a nice big one with the colors she mentioned to me (neutrals and pinks - which, thank goodness, i own plenty of! to my stash i go!) and i'll send her a winter care package. she has a special birthday coming up in february, so i'm aiming to send it as an early birthday gift!

    that concludes all of my current progress and plans! i have a few other projects on the back burner (are you really a maker if you don't have at least half a dozen wips going at once?) and i will resume them once these priority ones are taken care of. i'm off to plan that cape, so until next time! stay safe and warm my friends ₍ ᐢ. ̫ .⑅ᐢ ₎⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚

    1/3/23 ♡ first entry in this log! i ended 2023 in a crafting frenzy, so here is a brief overview...

    i crocheted six stuffed bunnies, one for each of my little cousins. they loved them and i'm super proud of them, especially since they were my first stuffed animal project!

    after those were finished i got a rush of inspiration and decided i wanted to sew a new year's skirt... on january 30th i worked from 3pm to 3am but i DID it!!

    it is not exactly FINISHED, however it was wearable for the day. (´• ᴗ •̥`✿) i am planning to add removable suspender straps, lace trim at the bottom, and ribbons at the tier seams. i also want to make a matching headbow! then i will be ready for meets (´꒳`)♡

    finally, my current crochet project is a fairy kei granny square shawl! basically i wanted something warm to wrap up in as the cold months settle in, and also i wanted to use up my acrylic yarns... all my pastel colors are looking really cute, i'll share a photo as soon as possible! thank you for reading so far and i can't wait to post again

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