i ♡ internet safety!

i am currently a sophomore @ uni; in a five-year bachelor's + master's program.

i'm passionate about making the internet accessible and more free for everyone! please send me a message through my chatbox if you have any accessibility recommendations.

i will be adding links to my favorite antimalware, adblocks, and free content websites shortly!

music! ꒰ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ꒱

currently listening to...

‧₊˚♡ to-do ♡˚₊‧

to be added:

  • - fashion page!
  • - links to my fave adblocks and anti-malware
  • - all my blinkies and stamps
  • ♡ 1/3/24: added changelog, designed webside button, added "click" column with blogs i admire as well as my own, added pokefarm link, updated faves page.

    under construction!!!
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